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Richard Galliano - French touch

Walshe Essential Guide to Accordion and Harmonica Events

«Harmonica forever!»

Modest Mussorgsky «Pictures at an Exhibition»

«Skomorokhi»: Music of the 20'th Century

Richard Galliano - 15 Titres Originaux

Pietro Frosini - Mariposita (Bolero)

Eugeny Derbenko - Cabman

Melodies Which Are Always With You

Concert musette for accordion

Richard Galliano quartet «New Musette»

Astor Piazzolla - Soundtracks

Boris Kovac and Ladaaba Orchestra «Ballads at the End of Time», «La Danza Apocalypsa Balcanica»

Yury Kazakov «The portrait of the great Bayanist»

A Gotan Project DJ set Espiracion

Accordion in Jazz

Astor Piazzolla - Concerto para Quinteto

Accordion in concert - Part I

Accordion Reader Trilogy

L. Desyatnikov - Tracing Astor

Russian music of the 19 - 20-th centuries

Igor Tsvetkov - Two Pieces for Russian Folk Orchestra

Popular Latin American tunes for chromatic or piano accordion

Terem-Quartet meets friends

Richard Galliano - Viaggio

Richard Galliano & Michel Portal – Concerts

Valery Kovtun - «Tango»

Richard Galliano – New York Tango

Friedrich Lips - Pictures at an Exhibition

Astor Piazzolla - Fugata

Dmitry Manchuk & Miroslav Leliukh - Musical Fantasy

Art Van Damme - Deep Purple

Richard Galliano - Fou Rire

George Gershwin - Rhapsody in Blue (for piano and accordion orchestra)

Andrew Petrov - Marathon in the Fall

Luciano Fancelli - Acquarelli Cubani

Happy Skvett - Kulturprisen

M. Kazhlaev - Scerzo

Michael van Delft - Angel Rocks a Stone Away

Jacques Reuaux, Claude Francois - My Way - Great Frank Sinatra song arranged for accordion orchestra - Parts

Richard Galliano - Tango pour Claude

''Resurrecion'' tango-quartet - Obsessed by the Sun

Richard Galliano - La Valse a Margaux

Bogdan Precz - Fusion

Jazz Accordion Book - Vol. I

Jazz Theory And Improvisation Studies for Accordion

Che, bandoneon - 10 essential tango arrangements - Vol. 1

Astor Piazzolla - Tangus Dei

Richard Galliano - Opale Concerto - Score

Accordion orchestra of 3-d municipal music school (Kishinev, Moldova)

Lithuanian Accordion Quintet "Concertino" (video live concert)

Pablo Ziegler - Bajo Cero

Pavel Smirov Orchestra - Accordion virtuosos from St. Petersburg

Albin Repnikov - Concerto ¹3 for accordion, chamber orchestra and percussions - Score

Pavel Smirov Orchestra - My Saint Petersburg

M. Blanter - In The Gardens

Astor Piazzolla - Yo Soy Maria

Lithuanian Accordion Quintet «Concertino» - Compositions from the repertoire of the ensemble - Vol. 2

B. Martjanov - Moldova Fantasy

«Milonga» Instrumental Trio – Compositions from the repertoire of the ensemble - Vol. 2

«Milonga» Instrumental Trio – Compositions from the repertoire of the ensemble - Vol. 1

«Milonga» Instrumental Trio – Compositions from the repertoire of the ensemble - Vol. 3

Jacques Reuaux, Claude Francois - My Way - Great Frank Sinatra song arranged for accordion orchestra - Score

Anatoly Lyadov - Musical Snuffbox

Yu. Peshkov - Black Eyes - Russian romance arranged as a concert piece

Charlie Shavers - Breeze in a Waste

Christine Boll – Partita Piccola

Teddy Randazzo, Bobby Weinstein - Going Out of My Head - Great Frank Sinatra song arranged for accordion orchestra - Score and Parts

Victor Vlasov - Bossa Nova

Pietro Frosini - Carnival of Venice

Victor Vlasov - I Like this Rhythm

Thomas Fundora & Morris Albert - Feelings

Mikis Theodorakis - Quarter of Angels

George Hammel - Pantoufle de Vair (concert polka for accordion)

Volodymyr Zubytsky - Omaggio ad Astor Piazzolla

In the Footlights

The Beatles Potpourri

Jacob Gade - Tango Jalousie

Lasse Pihlajamaa - Harmonikkasävellyksiä

Eddy Flecijn – Capriccio

Pascual Marquina - Spanish Gipsy Dance

Popular Waltzes

Libertango tango hits

Moon Serenade

History of Musicals

Astor Piazzolla – 10 tangos

From Bach till Offenbach

Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart - Blue Moon

Beny Rehmann - Schiffsfeger-Polka

F. Canaro - Tango

Gerhard Winkler - Toulouse

Albert Vossen - Merry-go-round

Gerhard Winkler - Serenade Napolitano

J. Rid - Last Waltz

Yann Tiersen - Le Moulin

Yann Tiersen - Naomi

Bert Kaempfert - Strangers in The Night

Luiz Bonfa - Manha de Carnival

Cajun of Luisiana State (for banjo and accordions)

George Boulanger - Da Capo

Eugene Derbenko - Rythm of Time

I. Panitski - Snowball Tree

A. Murena and J. Colombo - Indifference

Hubert Giraud - Sous le Ciel de Paris

Toto Cutugno - Soli

Fermo Marchetti - Fascination

Victor Vlasov - Boogie-Woogie

J McHugh - Black Birds (Black spiritual arranged for accordion)

S. Scott - Jungle

Tikhon Khrennikov - Moscow Windows (jazz song arranged for accordion duo)

Paul Norrback - Happy Moments

Charlie Chaplin - Limelight (waltz arranged for accordion)

Victor Vlasov - Silent Films

Victor Vlasov - Good Afternoon

Victor Vlasov - Cartoon

20 Tiny Fingers - English folk song

A. Joys - Autumn Dream

Jazz-Legato - Lerov Andersson (for accordion duo)

Vladimir Popolzin - In The Saloon

S. Scott - Ballade

Victor Vlasov – Jazz Miniatures

Victor Vlasov - Disco (from Jazz Miniatures Book)

Victor Vlasov - Let us Swing (from Jazz Miniatures Book)

Victor Vlasov - Siamese (from Jazz Miniatures Book)

Victor Vlasov - This Rythm (from Jazz Miniatures Book)

Victor Vlasov - Step (from Jazz Miniatures Book)

Unto Jutila - French Visit

Renzo Ruggieri - Carnevale

Jimmy Giordanengo - La Huette (waltz for solo accordion)

Albert Vossen - Fliegende Blatter

Vittorio Monti - Czardas

Victor Vlasov - Mood (for solo accordion)

Victor Vlasov - Syncopes (for solo accordion)

Unto Jutila - Samba

Pietro Frosini - Jolly Caballero

Karl Noack - Parade of Dwarves (for ensemble or orchestra)

Valery Kovtun - Brilliant Waltz (for solo accordion)

Pintin Castellanos - La Punalada

Finish Polka

Anne Dudley - Jeeves and Wooster

Astor Piazzolla - Four Seasons in Buenos Aires - Score

Astor Piazzolla - Four Seasons in Buenos Aires - Parts

Luciano Fancelli - 10 km. al Finestrino

Luciano Fancelli - Pupazzetti

Georgy Mushel - Toccata

Albin Repnikov - Capriccio

Paolo Pizzigoni - Light and Shadow

Grigoras Dinicu - Hora Stacatto

Eduardo di Capua - O Sole Mio!

Ernesto Lecuona - Malaguena from «Andalucia» Suite

Andre Astier - Grande Valse De Concert

Andre Astier - Divertissement

Andre Astier - Fantaisie En Mi Mineur

Andre Astier, Marcel Azzola - Systeme «A»

Andre Astier, Maurice Larcange - Accordeon Steeple

Andre Astier, Yvette Horner - Polka Satellite

Volodymyr Zubytsky - Ti Amo, Pesaro

Joaquin Rodrigo - Concierto de Aranjuez, Adagio

Antonio Vivaldi - Concerto f-moll from The Four Seasons

Arnstein Johansen - Cornelli (polka)

Medard Ferrero - Averse

Polka Favorites

Latin Favorites

Joey Miskulin - Accordion Styles and Techniques (DVD)

Paris Musette - Freddy Balta and his Accordion

Teach Yourself To Play Accordion

Waltz Favorites

Metodo Per Fisarmonica (Accordion)

Latin American Dances

Richard Galliano - Opale Concerto - Parts

Vladimir Chernikov - Lonely Harmonica - Yablochko

Niccolo Paganini - Caprice No. 24 in A minor

Andrew Lloyd Webber - Memory

John A. Dallas - Helen Waltz

Maurice Larcange & Michel Mercier - Javaccordeon

Franck Angelis - Valse du Cloun

Franck Angelis - Impasse

Ole Schmidt - Toccata no. 1

Astor Piazzolla - Contrabajissimo - Score

Yann Tiersen - La Noyee

Jack Fina - Bumblebee Boogie

Vl. Zolotarev - Conteplating The Dionisian Frescoes of St. Ferapontov Monastery

Heitor Villa-Lobos - Dance of The White Indian

Filippo Marino - Cristina

Tony Murena & Louis Peguri - Joyeux Vagabond

Pietro Frosini - Spic and Span

Hans Brehme - Divertimento in F

Pietro Frosini - Accordion Jitters

Astor Piazzolla - Concerto Aconcagua for bandoneon, chamber orchestra and percussions - Score

Oscar Peterson - Laurentide Waltz (from The “Canadiana” suite)

Con Conrad & Herb Magidson - Midnight in Paris (bolero)

Samuel Barber - Adagio from String Quartet No. 1

Pietro Frosini - Love Smiles

Albin Repnikov - Concertino

Victor Vlasov - The Fest In Moldavanka

Art Van Damme - Boogie-Woogie

Albert Vossen - Brusseles Laces

Yann Tiersen - Les Quatre Pieces

Frank Marocco - Appassionato

Che, bandoneon - 10 essential tango arrangements - Vol. 2

Astor Piazzolla - Cite Tango

Astor Piazzolla - Meditango

Astor Piazzolla - Un dia de paz

Astor Piazzolla - Libertango

Astor Piazzolla - Tres Tangos

Astor Piazzolla - Ave Maria

Astor Piazzolla - Concierto de Nacar - Score

Astor Piazzolla - Tangata del Alba

Accordion in Concert - Part II

Astor Piazzolla - Double Concerto - Score

Argentinian Tango and Folk Tunes for Accordion: 36 Traditional Pieces

Jean Francaix - Concerto for accordion and orchestra

Isang Yun - Concertino for accordion and string quartet

Darius Milhaud - Suite Anglaise

Astor Piazzolla - Adios Nonino for accordion orchestra and piano

Klezmer and Sephardic Tunes

Astor Piazzolla - Concerto Aconcagua for bandoneon, chamber orchestra and percussions - Parts

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Squeezin’ at SXSW 2008
Mar., 30, 2008
The South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival kicked off in Austin today and, with hundreds of artists performing at over eighty venues, there are plenty of accordions in the mix. As we’ve done in previousyears, here’s a quick look at some performers that may have flown under your radar:

Dusty Rhodes and the River Band
Not your typical West Coast indie rock band, this Orange County six piece blends a love for 70’s era classic rock with folk and bluegrass, ensuring that the guitars are never far from the accordion, violin, and banjo.
Dusty Rhodes and the River Band: Dear Honeymp3Rupa and The April Fishes
Hailing from our backyard — the San Francisco Bay Area — Rupa and the April Fishes mix sounds from the Far East, Europe, Latin America and the US, with multilingual performances in French, Spanish, English, Hindi and Roma. The band features Isabel Douglass on the accordion.
Rupa and The April Fishes: Une Americaine a Parismp3Rana Santacruz
Born in Mexico City and heavily influenced by both folk and alternative music, Santacruz’s music has been labeled by some as “Irish mariachi”, favoring acoustic instruments like the guitar, accordion, and guitarrone.
Rana Santacruz: Cajita de Barromp31001 Nights Orchestra
Austin’s longest running Middle Eastern music group has a repertoire that stretches from Southwest Asia and the Caucuses in the East to the shores of the Mediterranean in the West, as well as many original compositions.
1001 Nights Orchestra: Neda Voda Nali Valamp3

There’ll also be a number of accordion-toting bands performing that we’ve covered here before, including DeVotchKa, Pistolera, Bowerbirds, Great Lakes Myth Society, The Felice Brothers and many others.

There are few places where you can hear so many excellent artists in one place, so if you’re anywhere near Austin this week — on your way to the National Accordion Association convention in Richardson, perhaps? — stop in, have a drink, and meet your new favorite band.

Accordion Clubs Charity Night - Tuesday 15th April from 4pm
Mar., 30, 2008
Harry Hussey
Pearl - Fawcett Adriano
Sam Pirt & The Hut People with Bill Sables on Banjo
MC is George Syrett
Also featuring : Brians Ceilidh Band - Ray Gallagher & The Hayriders


Accordion Clubs Charity Night - Tuesday 15th April
The Shire Hall - Howden - DN14 7BJ
This is the second annual charity concert in aid of "Cancer Research UK" http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/
Last year this event raised £365 for "Cancer Research UK". We did call it the "Five Accordion Clubs Charity Get Together", but since the closure of the Hull A/C the event name has been changed to
 "Accordion Clubs Charity Night"
Last year we expected 100 people to turn up, but on the night 200 came!
As the room holds 200 people it is suggested that you arrive early this year.
The stars perfoming at this year's event will be:-
Harry Hussey
Pearl - Fawcett Adriano
Sam Pirt & The Hut People
with Bill Sables on Banjo
Brians Ceilidh Band
Ray Gallagher & The Hayriders
MC is George Syrett
Doors open at 4pm to have a get together and a natter!
The event is organised once more by Harry Kipling 01430 860300 - This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
The Shire Hall is in The Howden Centre near to junction 37 of the M62
and the postcode is DN14 7BJ
There will be a free buffet (with a donation)and Tea & Coffee will be on sale plus a licensed bar.
The price this year for admission is £8.00.
Lets raise a liitle more than last year!

‘Accordions International 2008’, Blackpool – May 9th/13th
Mar., 30, 2008

‘Accordions International 2008’, Blackpool – May 9th/13th 

‘Accordions International 2008’ takes place from May 9th to 13th at the Dunes Conference Complex, Pontins Holiday Centre, Lytham St Annes, Lancashire.  The guest artistes at this new festival include Domi Emorine & Roman Jbanov (France/Russia), Giancarlo Caporilli (Italy), Stefan Andrusyschyn, Gary Blair, Harry Hussey, Bert Santilly, and Romano Viazzani.   

This new accordion festival, organised by Heather Smith, uniquely shares the site with a well-established organ & keyboard festival, and the two festivals will have some overlapping features.  For the accordion enthusiasts, there are concerts, workshops, master classes, dancing, jam sessions, demonstrations, plus a trade show that includes Geoff Holter Accordions, the Accordion Shop (EA Ltd), John Douglas Music, and Rob Howard's ‘An A to Z of the Accordion’ series of books.   

For further information email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ; telephone 01482 805 387; for booking telephone 01780 782 093

Lars Holm (Sweden) at The RAM - Report by Romano Viazzani
Mar., 30, 2008
Lars Holm & Nikolai Ryskov at The RAM
This photo was taken on 9 March 2008 at the RAM.
I am with the Swedish Accordion teacher Lars Holm.
Best Rgds, Nikolai

Event report & more photos by Romano Viazzani  below:

Lars Holm Teachers & Students Workshop - 9th March'08


Lars Holm at the RAM

About 10 teachers attended this terrific workshop by the internationally recognised pedagogical expert Lars Holm.  They came from the length and breadth of the country as far north as Scotland and Northern Ireland to the south coast and from Essex to the West Midlands.  There were young students from 4 years old right up to university age. There were also a handful of mature adult students at varying stages of their musical development as well as other people just taking a keen interest.  The aim of the workshop was to help teachers in the UK with keeping their student’s interest so that they don’t get bored and hopefully become the next generation of professional UK-reared accordionists. 

Owen Murray in conversation with Lars Holm

Owen Murray, professor of accordion at the Royal Academy began the day by welcoming all the teachers and students to the workshop.  He explained that Lars Holm had been a teacher of pedagogy at the Royal Danish Conservatoire when he himself was studying there and had published lots of interesting music for accordion students several of which are used in the Trinity Guildhall Accordion Syllabus. 

With the government accredited syllabus now in its fourth year and the accordion department now in its 22nd year, the professor said that he felt the structures were all in place for an accordion student to flourish from the beginners stages all the way to professional status. 

The nature of accordion work available has changed somewhat in the years that I have been a professional.  When I started out semi-professionally in 1981 I got a fair bit of “stereotypical” accordion work; walking around dressed as a french onion-seller playing french musette, or a gondolier in a boater playing italian serenades, parties, weddings and Bar Mitzfahs with my band, always wondering whether anyone was actually listening to the background accordion “wallpaper” I was churning out from the corner of a restaurant - and occasionally someone would say “that was nice”.  Not much reward for the many hours of practising spent each day either financially or morally. All the time, I was hungry for more; to make my mark, to say something new with my instrument that someone would actually listen to. What is great about the type of work today is that there is a lot of really interesting and challenging work available.  Work where people do want to listen to the music and not just to leap around the dance floor to it doing a mock-tango, or the kind of work where one is told to play quietly because they can’t hear themselves talk.   Now people want to listen to Jazz accordion, to Classical Accordion, to World Music, to Folk Music, they want to hear the accordion as part of a symphony orchestra, a chamber orchestra, in the orchestra pit of our theatres and even on stage in our theatres.  It’s even getting a “quietly cool” reputation in pop bands. Composers want to write for it as a solo instrument, as part of a larger ensemble and for incidental music in films and television. This new kind of work was around years ago but it was in the minority and usually one or two good players got the bulk of it. Today there is much more of it but the level of performance is also on the rise and the challenges set by it are greater.  For this it is important to hold our students’ interest and make them realise that a good career is now feasible.  If the only work they will most likely get is sitting in the corner of a restaurant they are not likely to be very inspired. It’s vital then for teachers not only keep their students’ interest by offering new and different repertoire but also for them to keep abreast with the many wonderful and original new artists who finding success in areas where the accordion was previously hardly ever seen. This means seeking out new artists, ensembles, going to concerts and festivals of all descriptions.  This is made easy by the internet today.

John Leslie & Carole Flack at the RAM

The workshop suggested many ways of making interesting music on standard or free-bass accordions, playing solo and as part of a group even before a student can actually read music properly.  Much of the music that Holm used was either his own material or arrangements of well-known pieces and despite being very apologetic about the standard of his English he enthralled his workshop audience all day long making fewer grammatical errors than many natives I could think of.  Particularly entertaining was an example of an exercise he does with some of his intermediate to advanced students of a simple Finnish polka played in first a Swedish style, then in a Russian Style, then Brazilian, Tex Mex, Balkan and finally in a Bulgarian style with a tricky time signature where 15 beats are divided at the halfway point of 7 and a half.  The latter two raised a laugh particularly from the students studying at the Academy of Balkan origin!

After a brief history of free-bass accordion recordings going back to the 1910s and a history of Sweden’s contribution to accordion music, Holm worked with the youngest students who study with Elaine Beecham and Ingrid Gould.  They played a few pieces each to demonstrate their level and then Holm got them playing together as an ensemble. They were an absolute credit to their teachers in the way they participated in both morning and afternoon sessions and waited patiently and without getting frustrated or bored in the interim period.  Then Holm worked with adult students.  It’s a shame that some adults brought their accordions but didn’t feel brave enough to play them because Holm has a wonderful way of making people feel at ease on stage.

Lars Holm pictured with 3 of the young students

After lunch there was a brief recital by three of the six students at the Academy.  It was a great opportunity to see the entry level that is now required to study there.  Rafal Luc, only 18 years of age and in his second term at the RAM gave an extremely mature performance of Prelude and Fugue No.24 from (48 Preludes and Fugues –J.S. Bach) and a sensitive yet exhilarating performance of Interieur (Angelis).  This was followed by a beautifully expressive May (Tchaikovsky) and the subtly virtuosic Revis Fairy Tale (Schnittke) by Ksenija Sidorova. The finale was by 2nd Year Post-Grad student Franko Bozac accompanied by Makiko Sada on Piano and Calum Gourlay on Double Bass with a blistering performance of Le Grand Tango (Piazzolla).

After these amazing performances Holm demonstrated ideas for advanced students and for these he used some of the Academy’s own students Ksenija Sidorova, Trang Nguyen, Rafal Luc and one of Elaine Beecham’s advanced students, Sam Davis who is currently studying music at Canterbury University majoring in Accordion.  Here music was used so reading skills were required, ensemble playing also develops the ear, rhythm and timing and other devices such as bellow shakes and left hand chord substitutions were explored.

There was then a chance for Holm to play excerpts from some of his albums of compositions.  Thankfully Holm had brought a few copies for teachers to view and buy if they wished as there have been problems obtaining accordion music from small publishers both for individuals and music stockists in the UK.  The publishers should wise up to this as the current expiry date on the current syllabus is 2010. 

There was another chance for the adult students to play where the morning session’s themes were expanded into playing in canon. The youngsters too finally got another chance to play and demonstrated that they had absorbed fully what had been taught that morning so all credit to the youngest students Kieran and Kristian Kanapathy, Darius Lau and Liam Rice.

To finish Holm touched on the pieces of his and his colleagues such as Tom Pedersen that are included in the Trinity Guildhall Syllabus.  I know that many teachers would have liked to have discussed this topic more but the time flew and the Academy closes at 5.30 on Sundays.  Based on the success of this workshop Owen Murray would very much like to invite Lars Holm back next year and this being the case and the participation being similar there ought to be I would hope, another opportunity for eager teachers to ask questions and seek advice regarding the syllabus and further education in the UK again and for those teachers and students who didn’t make it this year to experience a really enjoyable and informative day.

Romano Viazzani

Lisa Lee Leslie in the touring production "Spies" by Michael Frayn
Mar., 30, 2008

Lisa-Lee Leslie

Lisa-Lee Leslie will be touring with the play "Spies" by Michael Frayn

from March 11th - May 31st '08  and will be visiting the following towns:-

Greenwich - Huddersfield - Southampton - Ipswich

Cheltenham - Exeter - Guildford - Salford - Basingstoke - Poole

Please support Lisa when she visits your area with this excellent production!

(Booking links and contact details are listed below - please click "read more")


Hello all at UKAO,                

Just a quick home stop along my tour, I wanted to let you

know where we are and when.......Best Wishes -  Lisa


"Spies" by Michael Frayn - a Theatre Alibi and Oxford Playhouse co-production.

March 11 - 15  Greenwich Theatre   0208 858 7755

March 18 - 20  Lawrence Batley Theatre Huddersfield  01484 430 528

April 1 - 5       The Nuffield Southampton  0238 067 1771

April 8 - 12   New Wolsey Theatre Ipswich  01473 295 900

April 15 - 19  Everyman Theatre Cheltenham  01242 572 573

April 22 - 26  Exeter Northcott  01392 493 493

April 29 - May 3  Yvonne Arnaud Theatre Guildford  01483 440 000

May 6 - 10  The Lowry Salford Quays  0870 787 5790

May 13 - 17  Haymarket Theatre Basingstoke   01256 844 244

May 27 - 31 Lighthouse Poole  08700 668 701

"Spies" - Lyn Gardner - Wednesday February 27, 2008  - The Guardian  

It is wartime Britain,Stephen and his friend and neighbour Keith Hayward have a summer to fill. Excitement and the stakes rise when Keith announces that his mother is a German spy. They decide to watch her every move. Michael Frayn's novel of adult secrets and childhood mysteries is lush with the remembrance of things past. Any stage adaptation requires the theatre to be thick with the fragrance of privet hedges as the elderly Stefan sets off on a journey into the past and suburban Surrey in search of his boyhood self, Stephen. However, Theatre Alibi's attempt does not quite make the nostrils flare.

It is a quietly entertaining evening, although the first half moves slower than a snail over a well-manicured lawn. The design is ingenious but too busy, with corrugated iron rather than hedges. Only Mr Hayward's sharpening of his garden shears and whistling offer the understated menace of quiet cul-de-sacs, where hidden emotional bombs could be detonated at any time.

Theatre Alibi have a reputation as terrific storytellers and it is the narrative that carries them through here, with neat touches such as the live cello and accordion accompaniment. The show is at its best when at its quietest: Stefan peering puzzled at his younger self as if faced with a complete stranger.

The piece feels as if it needs a smaller, more intimate staging to show both Frayn's novel and the company to best advantage. But there are some fine performances here, most notably from Benjamin Warren as Stephen and John-Paul Macleod as Keith, a boy who will grow up to be just like his father.


HOUSTON: Friday, March 21st - Johnny "El Brujo" Cruz & The Texas Chain Gang AND Los Cuatro Aces
Mar., 30, 2008


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March 22nd - Houston: Leo y Los Dominantez
Mar., 30, 2008



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Grupo Maldad at the Atsrodome on Go Tejano Day
Mar., 30, 2008

Silver Member
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March 29th - Houston: Los Hermanos Cortez
Mar., 30, 2008



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Bernardo y Sus Compadres- Houston Mar 8
Mar., 30, 2008
Come help celebrate Bernardo's birthday Saturday, March 8, at Mak's Ice House, McKinney @ Cullen, Houston, 8PM.
Table 99. Make it puro conjunto carnal!


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Doncaster Accordion Extravaganza - Report by Rene Mairis and Lilian Scaddan
Mar., 9, 2008
Rosemary Wright - Romano Viazzani - Pearl Fawcett-Adriano
The magnifivent view of Doncaster Racecourse
                                DONCASTER EXTRAVAGANZA  2nd March 2008 This spectacular event certainly lived up to the hype and was indeed a wonderful treat for accordion enthusiasts.  Congratulations and thanks to Harry Kipling who organised the day at the stunning new Exhibition Centre at Doncaster Racecourse which is a superb venue: easy to find, plenty of parking, a huge area for trade stands, bar, catering, central stage for performers and room for a large audience.  The sun shone too and the view of the racecourse added to the happy atmosphere - a perfect scenario to enjoy a full day of great music and the chance to meet up with old friends and make some new ones.
Pearl-Fawcett Adriano
 The stars were out in abundance, a veritable galaxy of them.  The show began at 10.30 am and from then on it was non-stop entertainment all the way for twelve fabulous hours.  The indefatigable Harry Hussey kicked off.  I swear that man runs on super-charged batteries!  He was on top form, as always.   Alan Young amazed us with his seemingly effortless playing.  Like Harry, he is a master of chords and modulates to surprising corners of the musical universe which keeps the audience on their toes!  Often the two were up there together doing ‘their jazz thing’ and having a blast.  Romano Viazzani showed his brilliant technique to the full, performing a variety of music, some very difficult pieces by modern composers, including Piazzola and a few well known standards in a well balanced and well executed performance. Romano gave a demonstration of the Roland accordion and how to make the most of many of its capabilities and sounds. 
Romano Viazzani
Pearl Fawcett-Adriano, a personal favourite, showed us the versatility of her repertoire and her special accordion with an exciting programme which included a number of her own compositions and arrangements.  A later session with Harry was great fun and she almost managed to control him – well done, Pearl!  As they said, those many seconds of practise really paid off.  Girl power was further enhanced when Rosemary Wright took to the stage at extremely short notice, as only a true professional can, (standing in for George Syrett who, unfortunately, was unwell that day, though he did pop in to show his support).  Rosemary gave an exciting performance and showed her extensive range of styles and genres.  The Burton Ensemble provided a lovely contrast and everyone really appreciated their musical ensemble playing.
Sam Pirt & The Hut People
Sam Pirt and the Hut People entertained with their unique style of performing folk music including an unusual and interesting array of percussion.  The presence of a number of ceramic pots and odd looking objects was a little bewildering but such is the world of the percussionist!  The highlight was definitely when Sam danced, wearing tap clogs, whilst seated, and at the same time played a fast and furious Canadian tune.  The audience were supposed to join in with the footwork and failed miserably – but we loved it.
Harry Hussey
 Harry Kipling had promised a surprise during the interval.  This was the Dixieland Jazz Band who were fantastic - clarinet, trumpet, banjo and sousaphone.  The other Harry could not contain himself and it was not long before he was up there too jamming away.  The band were pleasantly surprised themselves when they realized what a fantastic jazz player he is. 
Alan Young
Alan Young joined in as well (he does love a sextet) and the audience loudly showed their appreciation. There were many trade stands and the chance to buy/try music, CDs, accordions both new and used, accessories, posters, old LPs and books, and to consult the experts and the artists for advice and help.  This is always of great value to us amateurs. 
The Dixieland Jazz Band
About 85 people attended this superb event which is such a shame as obviously the high costs involved are nowhere near covered and so this means Harry Kipling has had to sustain a huge financial loss.  All of us who were there would love to see this become an annual event but the chances of this happening are understandably remote.  We live on the Isle of Wight so this meant a ferry, a long car journey and two nights accommodation, but it was well worth the cost and the effort.  We thought there were many accordion enthusiasts up north (north is anywhere beyond Cowes to us), with a large number of accordion clubs and so assumed this would be sold out.  The venue is capable of easily accommodating over 400 people and so Harry must be devastated after all his efforts.  You know how it works – use it or lose it.  You may well have lost it.  Some said, ‘It was Mother’s Day’ as an excuse.  Not good enough.  Rosemary brought her mother who thoroughly enjoyed the day and surely many mums would have been delighted to have such a day out?  Let’s hope Harry will give it one more go so get it touch with him and pledge support for next year.
Rosemary Wright
Thanks to everyone who participated in the Doncaster Accordion Extravaganza - It was brilliant!! Rene Mairis and Lilian Scaddan
Les Blank and the Accordion
Mar., 9, 2008
Documentary filmmaker Les Blank offers glimpses into the lives and music of passionate people on the periphery of American society. Over the past forty years, he’s covered a wide variety of ethnic cultures, from rural Louisiana French musicians to Mexican-Americans in border towns to polka nuts in the Midwest. And these aren’t stilted, Travel Channel-esque accounts; his films are warm and intimate, deftly capturing the context (food, faces, scenery) from which the music originates.Given the subject matter, it’s no surprise his films are a treasure trove for accordion lovers. Several of his films focus on Cajun and Creole musicians in Louisiana, following legends like Bois Sec Ardoin (Dry Wood), Clifton Chenier (Hot Pepper), and the Savoys (Marc & Ann). His 1989 documentary, J’ai t Au Bal / I Went to the Dance is considered the definitive film on the history of dance music in French Southwest Louisiana.Chulas Fronteras was one of the first films to document traditional conjunto music, including rare footage of artists like Lydia Mendoza and Santiago Jimenez Sr. (The film was deemed “culturally, historically, or aesthetically important” enough to be included in the Library of Congress’ National Film Registry.) The clip below comes from his 1984 polka documentary, In Heaven There Is No Beer (1984); it features a colorful performance of “Who Stole the Kiszka?” by Walt Solek and his band.You can easily lose an afternoon watching clips of Blank’s films on YouTube or at UC Berkeley’s Media Resource Center and — my apologies to your boss — I highly recommend it. Or you can order the full-length films directly from Les Blank’s website.
Gary Blair - Verwood Memorial Hall Dorset - Tues 12th Feb 2008
Mar., 9, 2008
Gary Blair "Hans & Helga" plus George Bennett (12yrs)
George - Hans & Helga Von Skrappe
An Evening of Music & Fun! Verwood Memorial Hall - Ringwood Road - Verwood - DorsetBH31  7AA
The Verwood Memorial Hall - See below for Map!

Tuesday 12th February 2008 - 7.30 pm
Tickets  £ 5.00 each - Raffle / Tea & Coffee
Please call Bob Downer for tickets!
 Tel: 01202-885192       Tickets will also be available at the door!All profits from the evening will go to The Southern Area NAO Accordion Festivalat The Allendale Centre in Wimborne Dorset - November 2008
Cymbal Monkey Faux Pas
Mar., 1, 2008
I know how the monkey in this comic feels, showing up with an accordion and having everyone stare at you in horror. A few polkas or a quick rendition of “Rock and Roll All Nite” usually changes the mood, though. (Thanks David!)
Gary Blair @ Fairkytes Accordion Club - Wednesday 6th February @ 7.30pm
Mar., 1, 2008
Gary Blair starts his 2008 tour at Fairkytes A/C
Wednesday 6th February 2008 - 7.30pm
Fairkytes Accordion club night with special guest artist Gary Blair.This is Gary's first gig on his 9th "Tour Down South"and will be the first time he has performed at this popular accordion club.

Admission is £4.00 members (£4.50 guests)

(Light refreshments are included in the ticket price.)

Ample car parking nearby - there will also be a club fundraising raffle.

Fairkytes Accordion Club meets on the first wednesday of every month at:-

The Fairkytes Arts Centre,
51-53 Billet Lane,
Hornchurch, Essex
RM11 1AX

Contact:- Johnny or Val on 01708-225313
Email:- This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it All are welcome at this friendly Accordion Club!Click "Read More" below for a map & directions to this venue:-
Birmingham Accordion Centre - Monthly Club Night Buffet - We meet on the 4th Tuesday!
Mar., 1, 2008
Club meeting this tuesday evening 22nd February 2008.
131, Midland Street, Birmingham , Warwickshire B94DE
(Set your SatNav to this Postcode or follow the map below)
We are located on the corner of Midland St and Garland St.
Our meetings start at 8pm and we meet every month on the 4th tuesday with a buffet.
Contact : Rob Beecroft  Tel: 0121 753 3709  -  Fax: 0121 753 3709
All are very welcolme at our club meetings!
For driving directions please see the map below:- (click read more)
Eastbourne - amazing list of performers!
Mar., 1, 2008
The Cumberland Hotel Eastbourne Friday Feb 15th - Monday Feb 18th 2008Artists
Harry Hussey    Cafe Noir Jazz (Hove)    Gary Blair (Scotland)   &  Gary Blair Junior     Johnny Lee Leslie (Switzerland)    Alan Young (Isle of Wight)Romeo Achino (Italy)     Giuseppe Grosso (Italy)    Charlie Watkins     Gennaro Fiondella  (Worthing)     Romano Viazzani     John RomeroTeachers
Sue Bennett     Gary Blair     Gennaro Fiondella     Harry Hussey     Angie Lukins     TrevaniOrganisations and Traders
The Accordion Shop     Carillon Studios      Birmingham Accordions     WEM    Stan Mayhew     Trevani Music & Gifts     UKAOFestival ProgrammeFriday 15th February2.00 Arrival and check in.
3.00 Welcome cup of tea in the Upstairs Bar
4.00 Alan Young (Ballroom)
4.30 Romano Viazzani (Ballroom)
6.00 - 7.30 Dinner
8.00 Gennaro Fiondella (Ballroom)
8.45 Break
9.00 Cafe Noir (Ballroom)
9.45 Break (Ballroom)
10.00 Gary Blair (Ballroom)
10.00 Break
11.00 Johnny Lee Leslie (Ballroom)
11.30 Guest Busking session led by Harry Hussey (Ballroom)Saturday 16th February8.00 - 9.30 Breakfast
9.00   Seminar - Gennaro Fiondella - Orchestra (Ballroom)
10.00  Seminar - Trevani - The Blues (Ballroom)          10.00   Seminar - Sue Bennett -  Absolute Beginners (1st floor lobby)
11.00   Seminar - Angie Lukins - Folk and Barn Dance (Ballroom)          11.00   Seminar - Harry Hussey - Jazz  (1st floor lobby)
12.00 Seminar - Gary Blair  (Ballroom)
1.00   Lunchtime - Alan Young (Upstairs Bar)
2.00  Charlie Watkins in Concert (Ballroom)
3.00  Guests Concert - Hosted by Gennaro Fiondella (Ballroom)
4.00   Complimentary cup of tea in the Ballroom accompanied with music with George Bennett (Ballroom)
6.00 - 7.30 Dinner
7.45 Harry Hussey (Ballroom)
8.15 Johnny Lee Leslie (Ballroom)
8.45   Break
9.00 Gary Blair junior  (Ballroom)
9.30 Romeo Achino and Giuseppe Grosso (Ballroom)
10.00   Break
10.15 Gary Blair - Ceilidh - (Ballroom)
11.45 Gennaro Fiondella (Upstairs Bar)Sunday 17th February8.00 - 9.30 Breakfast
9.00   Seminar - Gennaro Fiondella - Orchestra (Ballroom)
10.00  Seminar - Trevani - Tango Rhythms (Ballroom)          10.00   Seminar - Sue Bennett -  Absolute Beginners (1st floor lobby)
11.00   Seminar - Angie Lukins - Folk and Barn Dance (Ballroom)          11.00   Seminar - Harry Hussey - Jazz (1st floor lobby)
12.00 Seminar - Johnny Lee Leslie (Ballroom)
1.00   Lunchtime - Alan Young (Upstairs Bar)
2.00   Orchestra and Seminar Concert (Ballroom) - Hosted by Gennaro Fiondella (Ballroom)
3.00   Harry and Guests - hosted by Harry Hussey (Ballroom)
4.00   Complimentary cup of tea in the Ballroom accompanied with music with George Bennett (Ballroom)
6.00 - 7.30 Dinner
7.45  Johnny Lee Leslie (Ballroom)
8.15  Romeo Achino and Giuseppe Grosso (Ballroom)
8.45 Break
9.00  Cafe Noir (Ballroom)
10.00 Charity Raffle (Ballroom)
10.30   Gary Blair (Ballroom)
11.00 Party time Pro Jam Session  (Ballroom)
11.30 Party time Guest Jam Session led by Harry Hussey (Ballroom)Monday 18th February8.00 - 9.30 Breakfast
10.00 - 11.00   Farewell Concert and Goodbye. (Ballroom)Additional Notes
Please note that should guests wish to practice in their rooms they are welcome to at any time between 9.00a.m. and 4.00p.m.Stan Mayhew will be available for advice on accordion tuning during both Saturday and Sunday afternoon's between 2 and 4 p.m. Please ask at the Carillon stand.Last Minute Hotline - 01323 - 733 700This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it www.carillonstudios.co.uk
View Larger Map
Mar., 1, 2008
  from  the  H-TOWN    area  


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Registered: 04/29/06
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The island roads were deserted!
Feb., 23, 2008
Much Travelled accordion case- but who's?
The Cooperativa gang at Eastbourne!
'Eastbourne Accordion Festival Feb. 2008 - Review'The island roads were deserted when we left home at a most ungodly hour to catch the 5.30 am ferry.  This early start was to avoid the extortionate charges and saved £15 (Lilian said she would happily pay the extra and stay in bed).  The other advantage was that we avoided the rush hour traffic and arrived in Eastbourne at 8.30 am - in time for breakfast!  It was good to have some time for a walk along the seafront and a look at Eastbourne before making our way to the Cumberland Hotel as we know from experience that once the fun starts there is no time for anything else! By 3 pm the Cumberland was buzzing with friendly banter as accordion friends old and new were welcomed.  The serious playing was soon off to a fine start with the one and only Alan Young, another ‘caulkhead’ (Isle of Wight native).  The sounds of the jazz harmonies soon allured Harry Hussey who sidled over, ‘Baloo-like’, and joined in.  Sometimes I think he and that Borsini are joined at the hip.  Next, a demonstration of the Roland accordion given by the entertaining and capable Romano Viazzani. He certainly put the Roland through its paces and showed us a number of accordion sounds including Italian folk, French musette, diatonic accordion, classical, Scottish, bandoneon and Alpine, plus many styles: jazz, scat voice, various wind instrument sounds and combinations, more than I can remember. Gennaro Fiondella took the stage after dinner and showed what a versatile player he is with a varied programme on both piano and button accordion.  He has not been playing the button instrument for long and is already an impressive performer.  Makes you sick! At 9 pm a new sound for Eastbourne – Café Noir.  This quartet consists of Mike Piggott – violin, Mils Solberg – guitar, Gerry Higgins – bass and Harry Hussey – accordion.  A real treat for the jazz fans; four amazing musicians who stunned the audience with their technique and ensemble.  Then the ‘Flying Scotsman’ himself, Gary Blair, accordion steaming, fingers a blur, but where was the kilt?  All the girls were disappointed, Gary.  Make sure you dress up ‘proper’ next time.  Young Gary joined in and proved he is a real threat to the Blair throne.  Accordion dynasties were well represented this evening as next up was the fabulous Johnny Lee Leslie who held us all spellbound with his intelligent and sensitive playing.  The guest busking session followed for those with stamina, lasting well into the small hours while us weaker mortals went to bed. Saturday proved to be an 18 hour marathon starting with various seminars and workshops all morning.  There was orchestra with Gennaro, Sue Bennett took the absolute beginners, folk and barn dance with Angie Lukins, seminars on blues with Trevani and jazz with Harry and finally tips and tricks from Gary.  Alan entertained at lunchtime, Charlie Watkins joked and sang as only Charlie can though his support from the Eastbourne Voices could have been stronger!  It’s all very well, Charlie, but some of us are too young to know the words!  The guest concert was over-subscribed but provided an enjoyable variety from many brave players.  Gorgeous Georgeous (George Bennett) entertained us through teatime and then, at last, an hour off to get ready for dinner. The evening concert featured Harry, Johnny Lee, Gary Junior and two fabulous Italian stars – Romeo Achino and Guiseppe Grosso – two very contrasting styles, superb mastery of the instrument and a huge wow factor.  Just one request for next time, boys – please announce the titles and composers of pieces to avoid frustration.  Did recognise Rossini’s ‘Thieving Magpie’ overture to which Guiseppe received a well-deserved standing ovation.  Gary Senior led a ceilidh for those who still had some energy and Gennaro led the merry making into the small hours. Sunday morning was filled with yet more workshops and seminars and the afternoon concert sessions gave everyone the opportunity to show off in their groups as well as with various solos or ensemble items.  There were more fantastic performances from the quest artists throughout the evening (it would make this report pages long if details were given) and the party mood prevailed.  The charity raffle for Winston’s Wish, a charity for bereaved children, was very well supported.  John and Jackie have now raised well over £5,000 for this deserving cause – and they thanked everyone for donating many excellent prizes and buying plenty of tickets. Mention must be made of the quality trade stands.  Charlie Watkins had a fine display of accordions, music, CDs, DVDs and electronic gizmos, Trevani had a phantasmagoria of music and The Accordion Shop ensured Cooperativa accordions were well to the fore – many of the performers played Cooperativas and a suspicious number of Cooperativa t-shirts were being worn all weekend!  It was really good to see Rob Howard down south with his Accordion A-Z books.                    
Romeo Aichino & friends at Eastbourne Accordion Festival Feb'08
 As always, guests were well catered for, the food was excellent and hopefully, by now, the accordion fraternity realise they need to book early for these very popular events.  See you at St Audries in September and back in Eastbourne in October.  Can’t wait.  Another huge success John and Jackie – as always your organisational skills have been superb and your choice of artists and teachers excellent – these events just get better and better.   ****************
[A second accordion part to The Teddy Bears' Picnic was found so if you did buy that, please check that you have both parts and if you are the person missing a second part, please contact me (01983 861322) so I can post it to you.]
See you all again at the next one.
Rene Mairis and Lilian Scaddan 
Editors Note: The much travelled accordion case pictured above belongs to Gary Blair who flew from Eastbourne via Gatwick & Glasgow to a weekend festival on The Shetland Isles.
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Jul., 24, 2017
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